The song about the Capri fishermen is a song of yearning and surely one of the most remarkable compositions of the twentieth century. The first recordings for radio and record production were made in 1943, when Germany was being reduced to rubble. Because of the direction the war was taking in Italy, anything Italian was intolerable ans so the records were either stored or destroyed. After the war a strong desire for southern warmth arose from the grey of the wreckage. This longing for the south found its earliest fulfilment in popular songs.
The Capri-Fischer was an instant hit and became the most frequently played song of the early post-war years. The late 70s saw the beginning of a critical examination of the post-war period and the years of the German economic miracle. Now very often the chosen theme music was the Capri-Fischer and the expression "Capri Fischer" became synonymous with the post-war period and economic upswing.
Foto von Gerhard Winkler
Gerhard Winkler (*1906 +1977) is the composer of this successful song. It is to him and to his compositions that these pages are dedicated.
listen capri-fischer:
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by Magda Hain
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Rudi Schuricke

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